I’m the player to be named later.

Seriously, I am a lawyer born and raised in the Mississippi Delta.  I am a husband and father of three who hates filling out these “About Me” panels because I feel like I’m on a dating game show.  Both of my parents have passed away, but they left me with endless stories which I will tell for your enjoyment.  Mississippi and the South as a whole fascinate me, and to love her is to love a complicated woman who will put you through hell every day so as to test the depth of your love.

I probably don’t always think of things the way you think I will think of things.

I love sports of all kinds, and I’m still a fairly competitive tennis player.

I’m a foodie, and there’s nothing better than a good restaurant with good friends and good drink.

Oh yeah, you will quickly notice that I’m a big music fan, and great lyrics fall right in place with my love of great words.

I will leave you with one of my favorites from Isbell– “No one gives a damn about the things I give a damn about . . . .”

I guess we will see, won’t we?

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