A Pretty Typical Week

Let’s see. It’s Friday, October 2nd. Let me recap the last 7 days.

Ole Miss can’t tailgate or play defense.

MS State is throwing the football all over God’s green earth but particularly Tiger Stadium.

The French Open is being played in the fall.

The Celtics lose a playoff series to a team that ran the exact same play every time down the floor for 6 games without being stopped.

We had a Presidential debate that should have been moderated by Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart and Mean Gene Okerlund.

Helen Reddy died.

Mississippi’s governor eases the statewide mask restrictions.

The President and First Lady have now been diagnosed with COVID and the presumed quarantine period will probably be the longest stretch of time they’ve been spent together since the inception of their marriage.

On the plus side, my oldest boy continued his onslaught on the ACT test with another good score.

In hindsight, Michael Stipe could’ve saved words and just named his song “2020.”

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