We Can’t Thank Them Enough

While I understand the abstract subject of military action, my mind does not really comprehend the realities of actually serving in combat.

Throughout my life, I have spoken to so many veterans who have described the realities of war as much as their mind’s eye would allow them to describe it to me. Very rarely do I see a smile come across the veteran’s face when telling me war stories. Some appear to be physically weakened by just opening their personal memory bank. In every one of these conversations, I detect a small sense of hesitancy…like they don’t want to open that door because of what might be waiting behind it. I shudder thinking of the things that go through their minds— the sights and sounds of their friends and brothers meeting their demise in a sudden, violent burst. Veterans speak in generalities about their service. I get it. I will never know it because I will never experience it. Lord God willing, I will never have that experience. I hope and pray that my children will never have to experience it.

Today, I say thank you to all of our veterans. I feel like my gratitude is nowhere close to being adequate, but I almost offer it to these men and women. I live and love in a world where my definition of sacrifice is cutting extra carbs at dinner or coming home a day or two early from a vacation to save money. I live in a world where I get up early for quiet time to read and write, and I am confident I will come back home at night after my day’s work is done. I live in my little privileged world because our nation’s veterans were willing to give of themselves completely to ensure that we can all live in our spoiled little worlds.

Thank you again. And God bless each and every one of you.

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